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Top 10 Virtualization Twitter Accounts

September 23, 2010

Are you a tweep? If you don’t know what that means, you most likely aren’t on the social networking site Twitter. I’m fairly new to Twitter, but feel as if I’m getting the hang of it pretty quick. I recently read an article on techcrunch about how the domain name was bought up for $7,500 back in 2006, which now seems like a steal given the explosion of users totaling 145 million. I had my reservations about twitter, which were mostly misconceptions and assumptions, being that it’s the only social network site I’m currently invested in and will probably be the only I ever am invested in. The thing of it is it takes time and effort to watch your home feed and read all of the tweets you are following, which could simply entail 30 minutes a day if you are only following a dozen people. It seems as if the majority of us all follow much more than just 12 people, whether we follow because they followed us, or if we are truly interested in what that person has to say, it’s usually much more than a dozen. Myself, I’m up to a decent 44 accounts that I actively follow, which means I log on and actually scroll through all the tweets each morning to see what I’ve missed or what I need to check out further.

Twitter has actually replaced my ritual morning reading of USA Today or the Washington Post. With the newspapers we really have to wade through all of the content to find what we want, which usually consists of the latest in politics, sports and weather, and usually the Tech section. The problem is, you have to purchase the entire paper, and then end up tossing it or using it in your fireplace or to pack dishes. The perk of having a twitter account is you can follow people or companies who provide content that you actually are interested in reading, instead of wading through all the pages of the newspaper or navigating to, or where ever your daily web surfing takes you. I’ve seen some twitter accounts that are following upwards of 1,500 accounts! 1500! You can’t possibly read all 1,500 twitter feeds each day, but that is the beauty of twitter, read it or don’t it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t take up any more space or time than you desire it to.

My main reason for getting a Twitter account was to evangelize VMware and join the virtualization community on a bit more personal level, to include networking and cross blog promotion, etc. Twitter has done exactly what I wished it could. I’ve made many network connections, helped to promote other blog content, had others promote my content, and actually found it to be somewhat of a forum for troubleshooting from a global consortium of experts. To say it is simply another social networking site would be a major understatement. It’s really a multi-faceted application that can connect with other applications on just about every mobile device out there. Yes, even just your standard old month-to-month tracfone can interact with Twitter through text generated tweets, both created by you and created by the people you opt to follow via cell phone text. There are over 300,000 third-party applications for Twitter today. iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android apps, widgets for your blog, sites that will create a custom background for your home page, you name it, it probably exists or will exist soon.

Lastly, I wanted to include my Top 10 Virtualization Twitter Accounts (as judged by me, please forgive me if I left you out there’s just too many good accounts to follow). Being that this is the reason why I use twitter I thought it appropriate to include my top ten list (1st link is their twitter feed) along with a link to their blog (2nd link) and a short bio:

Top 10 Virtualization Twitter Accounts

    10. @PlanetV12n (PlanetV12n): The Planet’s Conversation (Blogs) on VMware, Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

    9. @vmtraining (Scott Vessey): Lead Instructor – VMware for Global Knowledge UK. Interested in everything to do with VMware training and certification.

    8. @scott_lowe (Scott Lowe): An IT pro specializing in virtualization, VMware, storage, servers, and Macs; currently working for EMC Corporation

    7. @SimonLong_ (Simon Long): Senior Consultant at VMware & vExpert

    6. @jtroyer (John Troyer): VMware Social Media, Communities, VMTN Blog, VMware vExperts

    5. @Mike_Laverick (Mike Laverick): Blogger/Author/Instructor – foul-mouthed self-promoter…

    4. @ericsiebert (Eric Siebert): VMware evangelist, vExpert, blogger, book author, creative & strategic thinker, techno geek, motorcycle rider

    3. @SFoskett (Stephen Foskett): Enterprise consultant focused on data storage, virtualization, and the business of IT. My tweets are

    2. @davidmdavis (David Davis): VMware Evangelist at Train Signal, Video Author, vExpert, VCP, & CCIE9369

    1. @jasonboche (Jason Boche): VMware Virtualization Evangelist, VCDX #34, VCPx3, MCSEx3, MCSAx2, MCP, CCAx2, A+

There you have it. I’m sure I’ve missed some amazing accounts out there, don’t take it personal. These are the 10 account that I read each and every day, I’m sure you have your list, I’d love to see it. Post a reply and share your Top 10 Twitter Virtualization Account, or if you aren’t into virtualization, just post your top 10. Love to hear from you. Follow me on twitter!


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  1. September 23, 2010 9:26 am

    Hi Greg, No Dutch guys on your list?

    • September 23, 2010 9:42 am

      Hey Eric, sorry I left out the Dutch guys, you’re all very worthy of my list, unfortunately I can’t include everyone. There are just too many great accounts, I should have done a top 50 list, but then I would still be typing the post as we speak! I do enjoy reading your tweets. Thanks for the reply.

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