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Introducing the “vExpert Paparazzi” VMworld Contest

August 23, 2013

paparazziIf things could possibly get crazier this year at VMworld, they just did! I’m pleased to announce the vExpert Paparazzi VMworld contest, this is going to be fun. Myself, Christopher Kusek and James Bowling came up with the idea, and after running it by John Troyer for approval, we had the green light. The premise of the contest is pretty much the same as the EMC vSpecialist vHunt from VMworlds past. You find a vExpert that you know/recognize and get your picture snapped with them. Once you have the pic you simply share it on twitter w/ the #vExpertPaparazzi hashtag and the cc the sponsor of the day. So who are the sponsors? Let’s cover that.

The Sponsors
We can’t have this program be successful without the help of our sponsors, so a hearty thanks to those that have sponsored this contest. Each sponsor has provided a prize for the contest each day of VMworld. The sponsors are as follows:

Infinio – “Infinio Accelerator lets you separate performance from capacity. For a fraction of the price of hardware-based products, Accelerator offers a software-only solution that extends the performance life of the NAS you already have. Accelerator is a virtual appliance that uses server-side caching to minimize the I/O traffic load on central storage. It works without any additional hardware – no SSD required – instead using just 8 GB of idle memory from each ESXi server to create a pooled, deduplicated cache in memory.” Twitter: @infiniosystems

Train Signal (PluralSight) – “TrainSignal is a Chicago-based company that makes award-winning computer training for IT professionals. We work hard every day to produce premium quality computer training designed to give IT pros in-depth knowledge, build hands-on skills and promote career advancement. We also like to have a little fun.” Twitter: @TrainSignal

EMC Elect – “EMC Elect is a community-driven, peer-nominated recognition program that acknowledges distinguished contributions to the EMC community by employees, customers, and partners over the last year. It represents an unprecedented opportunity for members and for our company to show our investment in the power of social. EMC is proud to provide another channel to connect with its loyal community base across all social platforms and weave them further into our corporate DNA.” Twitter: @mjbrender

The prizes will be announced at the start of each day of the contest and will be awarded at each of the sponsor’s booths or location of their choosing towards the end of the day.

How it’s going to work
Beginning Monday August 26th at 11 am the sponsor of the day and their prize will be announced, the contest will begin and will run until 3 pm when the contest is over for the day and we begin the selection of the winner. By 3:30 pm the winner will be selected. Once you are selected as the winner and notified, head over to the sponsor’s booth to collect your prize, piece of cake right? How do you get selected? We have to make this as simple as possible, so basically each picture you submit with the #vExpertPaparazzi hashtag and sponsor cc acts as an entry into the contest. A winner will be selected at random from all the entries of that day. You can only win once and vExperts are not permitted to play, you get enough free stuff anyways.

If you are a sponsor and would like to add your sponsorship to this contest, please contact me @vDestination. The more prizes the merrier!

So that’s it, find a vExpert somewhere at VMworld, snap a pic with them, share it on Twitter with the hashtag and sponsor cc and collect your prize should you win. This is just meant to add to the fun of VMworld, in no means do you have to purchase anything or are obligated to do anything for the sponsor other than visit their booth to collect your prize. Contest runs Monday through Wednesday at VMworld, obviously you have to be attending VMworld to be in the contest, have to state the obvious.

Check out the VMware vExpert directory for a list and pictures of all current vExperts, also my “Who’s Who at VMworld” could serve to help in identifying some vExperts.

Good luck and have fun meeting members of the community, that’s what this is all about anyways!

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  1. August 23, 2013 12:07 pm

    Love this idea !!!

  2. August 24, 2013 8:09 pm

    Guess I’ll need to take a shower and brush my hair!

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